Nathan Koch started Emulsion in 2001, with a string of releases including The Death of the Author EP and Blue Sky Objective, and an huge amount of live shows and DJ sets over the next 8 years. Although Emulsion is now defunct in favor of Nathan’s new project OVC there is still a library of great material available over at Bandcamp for free download.

After a successful release party for Blue Sky Objective, Nathan ran a year long residency at Chicago’s Sonotheque in 2007 emphasizing interesting new live artists like Tycho, Machinedrum, Hecanjog, and Near the Parenthesis among many others.

After a few years away from music Nathan has returned with OVC, a deep dubby and ambient techno project influenced by everything from Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, to the original Chain Reaction artists, to modern producers fusing detroit with dub like Luke Hess. This time around he’s embraced the restrictions and inspiration of working just with a raw, stripped-down, all hardware rig.